Johnny webb
Johnny Webb
Occupation Binman
Spouse(s) Maureen Webb
First appearance 6th October 1980
Last appearance 2nd November 1983
Number of appearances 21
Played by Jack Smethurst

Johnny Webb was a binman-friend of Eddie Yeats. In October 1980 Johnny asked Stan Ogden if he could stay at 13 Coronation Street for a couple of days as he had split up with his wife Maureen. Stan agreed when Johnny paid him £25 but specified he had to leave before Hilda returned from visiting son Trevor in Chesterfield. Upon Hilda's return, she was shocked to find Johnny lodging in her house, but impressed by Stan's request of payment. However, Johnny's wife (who was tipped off by Vera Duckworth) turned up at No.13 and confronted Hilda - she was certain that Hilda was Johnny's mistress even though Eddie had tried to convince her that Hilda and Stan were happily married. Hilda then threw Johnny out of the house.

In November of the same year, after Eddie and Johnny were overheard discussing the contents of Annie Walker's bins over the bar at the Rovers, Annie refused to let the pair empty them and the Rovers became blacklisted. With the mess mounting up and the smell becoming unbearable, Annie offered Stan £3 to move the rubbish on his cart, but after being accused of strike breaking by Eddie and Johnny, Stan refused and the rubbish was left untouched. Annie eventually withdrew her remarks and the dispute came to an end.

By February 1981, Johnny and Maureen's relationship was in crisis again and he asked Elsie Tanner if he could lodge at No. 11 - Elsie refused to take him in as he was married, but agreed to see Johnny's niece Sandra with regard to giving her a job at the cafe. Johnny came to his niece's rescue when she was pawed by a lorry driver whilst working in the cafe.

In October 1983, Johnny returned to the Street for his friend's stag night celebrations - although he turned up twelve hours too early. Johnny stayed long enough to attend the wedding of Eddie and Marion Willis.

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