Jon Stephens
Jon Stephens
Occupation Airline Pilot
First appearance 28th November 2003
Number of appearances 1
Played by Antony Edridge

Bev Unwin went for a night on the town in November 2003 and came back next day with tales of a handsome, dark-haired man she'd met called Jon Stephens who was an airline pilot and who she was meeting again the next night. Deirdre Rachid was instantly alert as this sounded uncannily similar to her old nemesis, Jon Lindsay, whose fraudulent activities with assumed names had led to Deirdre being sent to Redford Prison for several weeks in 1998. She alerted Bev to the danger, commenting that Jon, who had himself been jailed subsequently, was probably released by now. She offered to tag along to Nexus wine bar where Bev would be meeting her new man, observe him from a distance, and give Bev a thumbs-up sign if all was fine with Mr Stephens.

The story that Deirdre had told Bev made her very anxious in Jon's company and Deirdre was late in arriving, getting a closer look and confirming that Mr Lindsay and Mr Stephens were in fact two different men. By this time, Bev's date had grown tired of her strange behaviour. He told her it wasn't working and left her in the bar. The next day, Bev angrily blamed Deirdre and told her that her actions had cost her yet another man.

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