Jon Welch
Occupation Hairdresser
Spouse(s) Marie-Anne Welch
First appearance 29th July 1994
Last appearance 12th February 1996
Number of appearances 38
Played by David Michaels

Jon Welch was a hair stylist of 12 years' experience who began renting a chair in Denise Osbourne's hair salon in July 1994, and proved popular with both customers and colleague Fiona Middleton.

In December 1994, Denise offered Jon first refusal to buy the business from her, since she intended to move away from the area to escape Ken Barlow, the father of her unborn child. Jon declined the offer, explaining that his ex-wife still took a cut of his earnings, so he had no desire to run a business of his own, only to have to share the profits. Denise eventually opted to remain in Weatherfield and gave birth to a son Daniel, but remained estranged from Ken.

In February 1995, Jon entered a hairdressing competition, using Raquel Wolstenhulme as his model, and was awarded second prize. Encouraged by Jon, Fiona entered the men's category (styling Steve McDonald's hair) and received a special commendation for her achievement at her first competition.

Jon and Denise began to grow closer, and in April 1995, they took Daniel for a picnic and talked at length. Upon returning to Denise's flat, Jon managed to get her to open up about her relationship with Ken. Jon leaned in for a kiss but Denise stopped him. Angered, Jon told her she was sick; always leading men on before backing off. Jon left the salon with immediate effect, although he did return a few weeks later to help Fiona run the salon for a morning, following Denise's sudden flit.

In February 1996, Fiona was stunned when Jon turned up unexpectedly and announced that he had reunited with his ex-wife, and agreed to buy the salon lease from Denise, putting Fiona out of a job. However, after Fiona pleaded her case, Denise agreed to let her purchase the salon herself.

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