Joni Preston was the wife of Robert Preston. In July 2015 Joni travelled to Coronation Street to find Robert whose passion for Tracy Barlow had been reignited. Joni asked Rita Tanner and Emily Bishop if they knew where Tracy lived. Ascertaining the address, she then stormed over to No.1 and banged on the door but was told by a nosy Norris Cole that everyone was out for the day.

The next day, not knowing that Robert had remarried, Tracy paid a surprise visit with Beth Sutherland to Preston's Grill in Alderley Edge, the restaurant that he ran with Joni. When the lady herself returned and saw Tracy and Robert close to one another, she slapped Tracy hard across the face. The stunned girl demanded an explanation and was told that ever since she had married Robert, Tracy had been the third woman, unseen, but always a presence in their relationship. Robert wasn't able to stammer out any excuses to his wife as to what he was up to and so Tracy walked out, leaving her former husband to face the music.

Just over a week later, Joni traced Robert down to where he was sat in Nick's Bistro and presented him with a document for him to sign which transferred all of their assets over to her. He signed without any argument but the two of them were spotted by Beth who took Robert to task in her own inimitable way, thinking he was again playing around behind Tracy's back. Under pressure from Robert, Joni admitted to Beth that their marriage was over and started to cry. Beth told her she was better off with Robert and suggested that she could use some tips from her on hair and make-up! Joni told Robert that the only thing she would miss him for would be his cooking and they parted company.

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