Joseph Brown 2014
Joseph Brown
Born 23rd December 2011
Birthplace Weatherfield Community Hall
Residence Portugal
Father Chesney Brown
Mother Katy Armstrong
First appearance 23rd December 2011
Last appearance 20th March 2015
Duration 2011-2015
Number of appearances 11
Played by Ronnie & Tommy (2011-2014)
Lucca-Owen Warwick (2014-2015)

Joseph Peter Brown is the son of Chesney Brown and Katy Armstrong. Katy gave birth while she was playing Mary in the Christmas nativity at Weatherfield Community Hall. Joseph was the subject of the majority of the couple's arguments. In March 2015, he left Weatherfield with his mother for a new life in Portugal. In October 2017, Joseph lost his mother when she was killed in car crash.

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Joseph's voice could also be heard in Episode 8899 (9th May 2016) calling out to Chesney (who was talking on Skype to his girlfriend Sinead Tinker from Portugal. It is unknown who voiced this "appearance" as no credit was given.

List of appearancesEdit

(u) denotes an uncredited appearance
(v) denotes a voice-only appearance.


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