Josh 8202
First appearance 1st September 2013
Number of appearances 1
Played by Daniel Hanbridge

Josh was a friend of Steph Britton's who along with his pal Naz attended a party in September 2013. Steph asked a reluctant Katy Armstrong to go with her and make up a foursome with the two lads. Katy was reluctant but went along however as Steph and Josh had eyes for each other, it was Naz who made a beeline for an unimpressed Katy. After the party, the lads suggested going to a club but Katy refused, saying she needed her beauty sleep. Naz used a cheesy chat-up line on her saying that in that case she must have had a lot of sleep in the past leaving Josh to apologise for his embarrassing friend. The lads pushed to be asked into 6 Coronation Street but Katy had to forcefully refuse, leading to a passing Chesney Brown, Kate's ex, having to intervene and send the lads on their way.

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