Josh Lyons
Mother Jenny Lyons
First appearance 3rd November 2000
Last appearance 4th June 2001
Number of appearances 2
Played by Adam Chapman (2000)

Josh Lyons was the baby son of teenage mother Jenny Lyons who met Sarah Louise Platt when they both attended their first ante-natal class in May 2000. Although both nervous, Sarah and Jenny became friends and Jenny revealed that like Sarah she was a teenage mum and her pregnancy was something of a mistake with someone who had left the scene.

In November 2000 Jenny was visiting Sarah at No. 8 with Josh when Candice Stowe ran in, humiliated when she was going out with Vikram Desai and he'd found out she was only fourteen years old.

In June 2001, Jenny and Josh attended the first birthday party of Bethany Platt. Kevin Webster, who had lost both his wife Alison and baby son Jake one year before, briefly popped in to hand over a present. The sight of a baby boy with a similar name to his own dead son's was too much for Kevin and he left the gathering as quickly as he had arrived.

Josh's second appearance above, was uncredited, and the name of the baby who played him is unknown.

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