Josie Steel
Josie Steel
Occupation Stripper
First appearance 18th August 1976
Number of appearances 1
Played by Lesley Daine

Josie Steel was a stripper who as engaged to perform her act at the Gatsby Club at a stag night. In a strange meeting of opposites, Ernest Bishop was employed to play the music as he was desperate for the money after his photographic business had collapsed. Josie was given his address as 2 Coronation Street and finding there was no such address called into the Rovers to find out where he lived for their rehearsal. Hilda Ogden recognised Josie for what she was and Fred Gee confirmed her suspicions to the amazement of the regulars who wondered what Ernie could be doing agreeing to such an engagement.

Josie had a cup of tea with a nervous Ernie before they began and expounded her reasons as to why she thought there was nothing wrong with her choice of employment. Their practice had hardly begun when Emily Bishop walked in, appalled at what she found and made it clear that she would prefer the rehearsal to take place at the Gatsby itself. Josie told her that it had been nice to meet her and left Ernie and Emily to continue their quarrel.

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