Joslin Cartwright
Joslin Cartwright
Occupation Abattoir worker
First appearance 12th September 2014
Number of appearances 1
Played by Kasey Christian

Joslin Cartwright was one of a classy bridal party who descended en masse into Audrey's salon in September 2014 for a full hair and nail makeover, the day prior to the marriage of Alesha Franey to her fiancé, Trevor.

Joslin, one of the more subdued of the party, was fascinated by the thought of David Platt working in a hair salon when he wasn't gay. He, likewise, wasn't impressed when the large girl told him she worked in an abbatoir.

When leaving the salon, she told him that if he needed any beef or pork, he knew where to ask. David's reaction showed full well that he had no intention of taking up the offer.

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