Joyce Lennox
Joyce Lennox
Occupation Machinist at Elliston's Raincoat Factory
First appearance 27th January 1964
Last appearance 24th February 1964
Number of appearances 7
Played by Yvonne Walsh

Joyce Lennox was a machinist at Elliston's Raincoat Factory in the mid-1960s. After meeting builder Len Fairclough in January 1964, they started seeing each other on a casual basis. By the following month, Len shocked everyone when he said he was going to start dating Joyce. Despite being warned by his friend Harry Hewitt that she was bad news, Len ignored the advice but soon Joyce decided that she found builder Eddie Thomas more interesting than Len and left him. This relationship was also short-lived and she dumped Eddie when she started work for Laurie Frazer at the Viaduct Sporting Club in March.

List of appearancesEdit


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