Joyce Malone
Occupation Detective
First appearance 21st April 2011
Last appearance 14th October 2011
Number of appearances 9
Played by Olwen May

DC Joyce Malone was a police detective who, alongside DC Furber, took a statement from Maria Connor in April 2011 after she reported Frank Foster for attempted rape. They arrested Frank, but released him due to lack of evidence.

Later in September 2011, Frank sexually assaulted Carla Connor. Malone was assigned to the case and arrested Frank on suspicion of rape, however, yet again he was released due to lack of evidence. She questioned Peter Barlow about the incident as he'd spotted Frank leave the Underworld factory in a fit of rage. Malone also questioned Dev and Sunita Alahan, who had served Frank in the Corner Shop on the evening of the rape. She later arrested Peter for assault when he beat Frank up. She released him on bail and told him not to take the law into his own hands again. Malone arrested Frank again on suspicion of the rape of Carla.

In October 2011, Malone informed Carla that Frank had won an appeal for bail and been released, much to her horror.

List of appearancesEdit


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