Joyce McKay
Joyce McKay
Occupation Policewoman
First appearance 11th August 2003
Number of appearances 1
Played by Maria Mescki

When Les Battersby was imprisoned at Strangeways Jail for six months in May 2003 for assaulting policeman Mick Hopwood (a charge for which he was totally innocent), he only served three months before being released on parole for good behaviour. A condition of his parole was that he would be tagged and have to be home before 7.00pm each night and Officer Joyce McKay and her unnamed male colleague called at 5 Coronation Street to fit the tag to his ankle. Les complained, as he had to many before, about the injustices shown to him but Ms McKay wearily told him that she'd heard it all before and that she was just doing her job.

Soon afterwards Fiz Brown arrived with some food shopping for Les and Joyce addressed her as "Mrs Battersby", telling her that she would now know where her "husband" was for at least twelve hours of the day.

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