Jubilee Terrace is a street that was almost identical to Coronation Street, on the opposite side of the viaduct to Viaduct Street.


In the 1960s, when outdoor scenes were recorded in studio, Jubilee Terrace could be seen through the viaduct as a painted backdrop with a small wall and railings separating it from Coronation Street.

It was home at No. 15 to Minnie Caldwell and her mother, Amy Carlton for many years until the latter's death in 1962 when Minnie moved to 5 Coronation Street and on the corner was The Flying Horse pub, a rival drinking establishment to the Rovers Return.

1968 onwardsEdit

When the programme got its first outdoor set, Jubilee Terrace seemed to have disappeared, and all that could be seen was a brick wall.


  • During the 50th Anniversary week, shots where featured showing surrounded Weatherfield. Jubilee Terrace could be seen on the other side of the viaduct, where a tram crashed off into Coronation Street.

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