Judge 8641
First appearance 18th May 2015
Last appearance 18th May 2015
Number of appearances 2
Played by Yvonne Gidden

The unnamed Judge presided over the custody hearing over Max Turner between David Platt and Callum Logan heard at Weatherfield Combined Courts in May 2015.

Both sides presented their arguments to the Judge but events took a turn when Callum's Lawyer gave the court a character assassination of David with information supplied by Bethany Platt. This included details of David sending Gail Rodwell cards from the dead Richard Hillman, Bethany herself accidentally taking ecstasy from David’s supply, the occasion when he pushed Gail down the stairs and the campaign he waged against Nick Tilsley that left him with permanent brain damage. Her summary was that David was a disturbed young man and always would be.

At this, David interjected and tried to speak up for himself but the Judge wouldn’t allow it. When he continued, she order his lawyer to take him out of the room and only allowed him back in again on condition that he would behave. She then ordered a full Cafcass report and David was given interim custody of Max but Callum was given two overnight stays a week with another hearing set for the final adjudication when the two applicants would hopefully be able to come to an arrangement over the child’s living arrangements.

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