Judge Peter's Trial
First appearance 13th October 2014
Last appearance 20th October 2014
Number of appearances 7
Played by John Graham Davies

The unnamed Judge presided at the trial of Peter Barlow for the murder of Tina McIntyre in October 2014.

The trial went smoothly and the Judge rarely had to make interventions during the proceedings however on the second day he had to tell Peter to be quiet when he interjected during Carla Barlow’s cross-examination by the defence barrister Miss Jones and threatened that he would have him taken from the court.

When Carla herself said that Peter was innocent, he told her that she couldn’t give her opinion, only facts, but Carla insisted they were facts. She quoted Peter’s shocked question to her of “what the hell have you done” when they both were watching Tina being put into the ambulance and told the story about her visit to him in hospital when he said that he knew she’d killed Tina but not to worry as he wouldn’t tell anyone. As he thought that he was dying of alcoholic poisoning at that time, the only logical conclusion she could come to was that he genuinely thought that she was the murderer and in that case he must be guilty. The Judge let the point stand in the record.

On the third day, he summed up for the jury by repeating the main points on the evidence and urged them to consider only that evidence and not on a judgement of the accused's morals, as he had been having an affair with the victim. Also, he instructed them that if they had any doubts then they had to make their verdict "not guilty" but it had to be a unanimous decision between them.

Peter was found guilty and after a delay granted by the defence, he was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of fifteen years but just a few weeks later Rob Donovan was unmasked as the real murderer and Peter was released.

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