Judge Malcolm Rennie
First appearance 24th October 2011
Last appearance 31st October 2011
Number of appearances 6
Played by Malcolm Rennie

The unnamed Judge presided at Fiz Stape's murder trial heard at Weatherfield Crown Court in October 2011.

During the trial, when prosecuting barrister Andy Hunter used the fact that Colin Fishwick's body had been found at the Underworld factory which was just yards away from Fiz's home, defending barrister Nicola Taybarn protested against this and the judge told Hunter that any similar remarks would be unnacceptable. He again berated Hunter when Taybarn protested against his conclusion that Fiz could have murdered Colin whilst she was away from brother Chesney's birthday party on the night in question. When Taybarn later concluded that fibres found on Colin's body could have been transferred at any point, possibly when Fiz helped husband John move the body, Hunter protested but the judge defended Taybarn.

Fiz was eventually found not guilty of the murders of Joy Fishwick and Charlotte Hoyle but guilty of Colin's murder. At Fiz's sentencing, the judge sentenced her to life imprisonment with a minimum of fifteen years, despite Taybarn's pleas that Fiz's circumstances had changed due to John's deathbed confession.

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