The Judge presided at the trail of Tyrone Dobbs in March 2013 on charges of ABH against his girlfriend Kirsty Soames. In truth, she had been the abuser of him for many months and had fabricated the allegation against him after she had discovered that his friendship with Fiz Stape, who he had gone to for a shoulder to cry on, had turned into an affair.

The case proceeded for several days without incident when there came a dramatic interjection part way through the defence evidence: Kirsty burst into the court with Ruby Soames, their child, admitting the truth of Tyrone's story and saying that she didn't trust herself not to hurt Ruby. She handed the baby to him and the Judge had to threaten her with contempt of court if she didn't leave immediately. A tearful Kirsty stuck to her guns and admitted that the evidence she had previously given had been a pack of lies. The baby was handed into the care of the Usher, Tyrone was led back to his cell and the CPS questioned Kirsty while the court was cleared.

Once the case resumed, the crown dropped the case, the Judge discharged the charge and brought in three verdicts of "not guilty" against Tyrone who was free to go.

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