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Judge travers
Judge Travers
First appearance 13th September 2010
Number of appearances 1
Played by Maggie Fox

Judge Travers sat in judgement at the hearing at the Family Court in which Kylie Turner opposed an interim order given to Weatherfield Council placing her son Max in foster care which had previously been granted on 12th May 2009. Kylie’s half-sister, Becky McDonald pushed Kylie to attend when she stated that she had given up and didn’t care if she got her son back or not. The solicitor representing the council asked Judge Travers to proceed with the hearing, even though Kylie wasn’t present, as she had been given ample notice - at which point Becky and Kylie burst into the room with apologies for their tardiness.

The hearing went well when Kylie stood up and made (for her) a heartfelt speech about the way in which Becky had come looking for her, had turned her life around and how she was determined to make her sister proud. Custody was granted to Kylie.

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