Judy Cookson was a young assistant at the Elm Cafe, where Frank Bradley and Bet Lynch stopped en route to Skipton in September 1970 when Frank was on a delivery on the lorries. Judy was acquainted with Frank from his previous stopovers and took up his attentions on this occasion, flirting with him when he came up to the counter and telling him that he was making her jealous by bringing another girl in with him. Frank told Bet he didn't fancy Judy even though she "has what it takes". Bet took Frank's comments at face value and although she didn't feel threatened by Judy, it was an uncomfortable reminder that Bet was a few years older than Frank.

Frank and Bet returned to the cafe some time later on their way back to Weatherfield. This time Judy was prepared for their arrival and brushed her hair when she saw Frank's lorry pull up. At Frank's invitation, Judy joined him and Bet at their table, where she made a dig at Bet's age by suggesting that she could put on one of the "prehistoric" oldies on the record player. Bet got rid of Judy by getting her to change her tea, claiming it was too strong, and she and Frank left the cafe right away. Thwarted, Judy thrust Bet's mug down on Will's table (causing the thirsty customer to ask if it was going spare).