Judy Gridley

Judy Gridley as Elaine Webster

Judy Gridley
was born May 1946 in Scarborough and died October 1987 in London. She was an English actress who played Elaine Prior in Coronation Street. After stage school at RADA and Grandison College she went to Paris to study mime and four years' theatre work there was followed by a tour of Italy. She returned to London and was in the original West End production of Cabaret.

Her first television appearance was as a dancer in Sunday Night at the London Palladium. She also appeared in the film Moonlighting. She also appeared in Some Mothers Do Ave Em and the movie 200 Motels with Frank Zappa, Keith Moon and Ringo Starr. She was married to Howard Tibble, musician.

Judy died of breast cancer in October 1987. She was 41 years old.

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