Jules Suffolk
Jules Suffolk
Occupation Solicitor
First appearance 19th September 2003
Last appearance 22nd October 2003
Number of appearances 2
Played by Richard Eton

Peter Barlow was arrested for bigamy in September 2003. He had married Lucy Richards in the March but within a couple of days she discovered that he had not told the other woman in his life, Shelley Unwin, that they were no longer an item and Lucy threw him out of their flat. Peter, unable to face the realities of the situation he had created, agreed to marry Shelley and their wedding took place in the July. Two months later, Shelley and Lucy realised that they were married to the same man and reported Peter to the police.

Solicitor Jules Suffolk represented Peter at his initial interview with DS Dunne and was also with him just over a month later when Dunne informed Peter that as the offence was a short-lived one and not for financial gain, he would not be prosecuted.

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