Julia O'Driscoll
Julia O'Driscoll
Spouse(s) Richie O'Driscoll
First appearance 28th December 2015
Last appearance 18th March 2016
Number of appearances 9
Played by Malgorzata Klara

Julia O'Driscoll was the wife of Richie O'Driscoll, a businessman and the owner of O'Driscolls, a clothing company. Underworld hoped to sign a contract with them and Aidan Connor came up with the novel idea of hosting a table tennis tournament with them to break the ice and of deliberately losing as a sweetener to getting Richie's signature down on paper.

Richie and his wife Julia arrived ahead of some of their staff who had missed the motorway junction. Aidan asked if she would be playing but she replied that if it was running laps of the Trafford Centre she'd beat them all but she had no skill at table tennis. Richie commented that his wife knew the boutiques of Cheshire better than the Trafford Centre and the social-climbing Sally Metcalfe's ears pricked up at this comment. She complimented Julia on her blue cashmere scarf and was informed it was qiviut, a substance Sally had clearly never heard of. She later asked if she could feel the scarf and checked on the spelling of the expensive material.

Julia watched smiling as her husband's firm won the tournament - just - and joined in when Aidan and Richie discussed contract terms.

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