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Julie Jones has been a member of the Coronation Street writing team since 2005 contributing 186 scripts including two co-written with Peter Whalley and Jonathan Harvey. She also contributed scripts for Brookside, Britannia High, Bob the Builder and Shaun the Sheep. Before writing for television, she had a successful career writing for local theatre and in advertising as a freelance copywriter.

Episodes written by Julie JonesEdit


2005 (9 episodes)

2006 (15 episodes)

2007 (17 episodes)

2008 (15 episodes)

2009 (15 episodes)


2010 (16 episodes)

2011 (14 episodes)

2012 (18 episodes)

2013 (16 episodes)

2014 (18 episodes)

2015 (21 episodes)

2016 (12 episodes)

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