June Howson served as a director on Coronation Street with 76 episodes to her credit (including one co-directed with Les Chatfield) from July 1967 to September 1969 with returns to the role in August 1975, July 1977 and from January 1991 to October 1999. She was also the programme's producer from Episode 964 (23rd March 1970) to Episode 1017 (19th October 1970), and from Episode 1738 (12th September 1977) to Episode 1739 (14th September 1977).

She was both a director and Executive Producer on Crown Court in the 1970s, and has directed episodes of ITV Playhouse, Weavers Green The War of Darkie Pilbeam (written by Tony Warren), Nearest and Dearest, A Family at War , The House Of Elliott, The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes and The Bill. Her other producer credits include Fallen Hero, The Practice and Capstick's Law.

Episodes directed by June HowsonEdit


1967 (10 episodes)

1968 (4 episodes)

1969 (2 episodes)


1975 (2 episodes)

1977 (2 episodes)


1991 (6 episodes)

1992 (11 episodes)

1993 (1 episode)

1995 (6 episodes)

1997 (10 episodes)

1998 (12 episodes)

1999 (10 episodes)

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