Justin Moorhouse (born 15th May 1970 in Manchester) is an actor, stand-up comedian and radio DJ who first appeared on Coronation Street in April 2011 as Duggie, who delivered a car to Sally Webster - a present from her estranged husband Kevin. He returned to the programme in August 2014 as Dean Upton, landlord of The Flying Horse pub.

Moorhouse worked as a salesman for several years. After competing in a local comedy competition held at the Southern pub in Chorlton he won the final held at the Comedy Store, Manchester and shortly afterwards he was cast as Young Kenny in Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights.

His other work includes roles in Buried, No Angels, Dirtbusters, Max & Paddy's Road to Nowhere, Shameless, Massive and In with the Flynns, along with comedy feature films Zemanovaland, Looking for Eric, Charlie Noades R.I.P and Being Sold. On stage he appeared in Harold Brighouse's play Zack at the Royal Exchange, and was also credited as a programme associate on John Bishop's Britain.

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