Justine Fabler was Sinead Tinker's physiotherapist when she was hospitalised in Weatherfield General following the Underworld minibus crash in January 2015 with temporary paralysis from the waist down. After several weeks of total rest and non-movement lying flat to allow the body to recover, Justine and her colleague helped Sinead on the first day that she was allowed to sit up. As Chesney Brown and Kirk Sutherland looked on, a nervous Sinead was gently rolled partly on to her side and then eased up into a sitting position, although held up by the two women. Sinead confessed to feelings of dizziness which Justine told her was quite normal after such a long time being prone. After a moment of adjustment, the two women took their hands away and Sinead shed a tear of happiness as she was able to support herself.

After several weeks of hard work, Sinead reached the important stage where Justine thought that she would able to stand unassisted. The session did not go well: Sinead was upset as Chesney had failed to turn up, occupied with Katy Armstrong's plan to move to Portugal with their son Joseph and although Justine was encouraging as she tried to make Sinead stand between two parallel support bars, the girl had a lapse of self-confidence and broke down.