Dr Karen O'Brien
Karen O'Brien
Occupation Doctor
First appearance 28th September 2003
Number of appearances 1
Played by Laura Richmond

When Tommy Harris was told his teenage daughter Katy was having an affair with Martin Platt, a man twice her age, he confined her to the house in a rage, although he claimed it was for her own "protection" asking the predator Martin was roaming around outside.

To overcome her "house arrest", the diabetic Katy started to surreptitiously eat sugar, biscuits and cake all day long and eventually slipped into a diabetic coma. She was rushed in an ambulance to Weatherfield General where Doctor Karen O'Brien examined her and told the Harrises that the coma wasn't caused by a forgotten insulin injection as they believed but ingestions of sugar. Treating this as a form of self-harm, she asked them if Katy had any problems at present and were assured by the lying family that there was nothing the matter. As nurse Martin Platt was also at the hospital and Karen knew him to be a neighbour, she also asked him if he knew anything but he, like Katy's parents, lied.

When Katy recovered, she left the hospital without her parents' knowledge and went direct to Martin's flat.

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