Karen Spencer was a young model who in September 1971 was sent to Spain by Willie Piggott, accompanying Ernie Bishop who'd been hired by Piggott to take photographs for travel brochures. On meeting Ernie, the long-dark-haired woman told him she'd been a typist until Piggott noticed her figure and made her a model on safari, although Ernie's greetings were muted as he still wondering how to break the news to his fiancée Emily Nugent that Sheila Miller would be going with him on the tour. Already a bag of nerves, Ernie's situation wasn't helped by Karen trying to flirt with him, telling him she'd be only too happy to oblige with anything he wanted her to do, and that she liked older men. When Emily found out the full arrangements she tried to cancel it on Ernie's behalf but Piggott managed to talk her round by telling her that he'd offered Ernie the business because he was the only man he could think of who would turn Sheila and Karen down.

During the shoot, Ernie took Karen down to the beach to do shots of the hotel with Karen in a swimsuit. With her lying on the sand, he took off her suntop and was adjusting her bra strap when the police swooped and arrested Ernie, who was subsequently charged with offending the public morality.