Karl Timms
Karl Timms
Occupation Buyer
First appearance 10th March 2003
Number of appearances 1
Played by Philip Lightfoot

Karl Timms called at Underworld by appointment in March 2003 and was a buyer who Mike Baldwin wanted to impress. Unfortunately, newly-promoted supervisor Karen McDonald wanted to do the same thing. Her upwardly-mobile position having gone to her head, she had business cards printed and, when Timms arrived at a point in the day when Mike and deputy Joe Carter were dealing with some business in the packing department, she took him into the main office, offered him refreshments and gave him her business card. Mike returned and brusquely ordered her out. Sulking, she left the main office and straight into an argument with Janice Battersby who didn't like Karen's airs and graces and their words quickly descended into a catfight that Joe had to separate. As a fuming Mike took Timms out to lunch, the unimpressed buyer gave Karen her business card back, coldly telling her that "supervisor" was spelt with an "o", not an "e", and to give him a call sometime if she wanted spelling lessons.

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