Kate Owens
Kate Owens
Occupation Social worker
First appearance 25th August 2003
Number of appearances 1
Played by Karen Spicer

Kate Owens was a social worker based within the children's ward of Weatherfield General who was briefly involved with the Platt family in August 2003 when Bethany electrocuted herself inside 17a Victoria Street.

Although the child recovered quickly, it was later discovered that she had touched a live wire under the skirting board in the living room. This occurred due to a botched job by Tony Stewart when he illegally connected the electricity to the mains in Barlow's Bookies below.

Gail Platt was angry with her daughter Sarah for allowing Bethany to live in a deathtrap and reported her as a neglected child to social services. Just prior to Bethany's hospital discharge, Kate Owens came to speak with Sarah and her boyfriend Todd Grimshaw to ascertain whether they'd had an electrician out to check the wiring in the flat and make safe. As Sarah explained that they'd been busy and would get someone to do the work tomorrow, Kate advised that she would inform her colleagues in the local child and families team, and scheduled an appointment for field social worker Viv Wright to call out on a follow-up visit.

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