Kathy barrett
Kathy Barrett
Occupation Machinist
First appearance 15th March 1982
Last appearance 29th September 1982
Number of appearances 10
Played by Cheryl Prime

Kathy Barrett was a young trainee machinist who was taken on at Baldwin's Casuals in March 1982. She was bullied into joining the other girls in sending Elsie Tanner to Coventry, blaming Elsie for losing the factory an order which resulted in them being put on a three-day week. Kathy found the atmosphere difficult to work in and was relieved when the girls started speaking to Elsie again.

A few weeks later, Kathy inadvertently tipped Mike Baldwin off about an extra £4 in the girls' wage packets, which she thought was a bonus. Mike sacked the wages clerk for overpaying the staff and employed Emily Bishop in the position. When the girls found out Kathy was the one who'd lost them their extra money, Vera Duckworth laid into the girl only for Emily to speak up for her, putting Vera in her place.

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