Kathy Lane
Kathy Lane
Occupation Police Officer
First appearance 11th February 1980
Last appearance 13th February 1980
Number of appearances 2
Played by Rosemary Williams

WPC Kathy Lane, accompanied by PC Lyle called on Mavis Riley when she was disturbed by nuisance phone calls from a man describing himself as “Lover Boy” in February 1980. While Lyle exhibited signs of cynicism, Kathy was sympathetic to Mavis’s plight and suggested that she try to lead the man on in an entrapment routine. Mavis’s nerves got the better of her but Kathy won her round by saying that the man sounded like a beginner at the game but as he got bolder, some other women could really suffer in the future. She calmed Mavis by saying that she and PC Lyle would be nearby and prompted Mavis to doll herself up for her “date”. She escorted Mavis to the Queens Shopping Precinct but no one turned up to meet her.

The next night, following another phone call, Mavis and the police went back there, only to arrest an unfortunate Eddie Yeats who had been ambling through the precinct and, seeing Mavis, stopped for a chat. Lane, Lyle and their colleagues nabbed Eddie and took him to the police station. Mavis followed on and persuaded them of Eddie’s innocence in the matter.

The character was credited as "WPC Kathy Lane" in both of her appearances.

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