Kay Patrick

Kay Patrick (born 2nd September, 1941) has worked as both a director and associate producer on Coronation Street. As director from 1994 to 1998 and 2003 onwards she has contributed 264 episodes, one of them a double and four of them co-credited with Haldane Duncan, five with Pip Short, five with Duncan Foster and five with David Kester. Her run as associate producer was from Episode 4003 (22nd April 1996) to Episode 4178 (16th April 1997) although she was not credited in that role on the episodes that she also directed during this period.

She was the series producer for the revamped Crossroads in 2001, both produced and directed the BBC series Sunburn, and has also directed episodes of Emmerdale Farm and Brookside. In 2009 she was involved in a freak accident on the set of Coronation Street whilst directing an action sequence. A car being used in a stunt shunted forward ploughing into her and knocking her to the ground. However, she escaped unscathed with only minor injuries.

Episodes directed by Kay PatrickEdit


1994 (3 episodes)

1995 (21 episodes)

1996 (6 episodes)

1997 (10 episodes)

1998 (4 episodes)


2003 (15 episodes)

2004 (24 episodes)

2005 (25 episodes)

2006 (21 episodes)

2007 (20 episodes)

2008 (29 episodes)

2009 (7 episodes)


2010 (20 episodes)

2011 (14 episodes)

2012 (10 episodes)

2013 (10 episodes)

2014 (15 episodes)

2015 (10 episodes)

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