Keith Greenacre
Keith Greenacre
Occupation Bank Manager
First appearance 28th August 2002
Last appearance 23rd December 2002
Number of appearances 4
Played by James Nickerson

Keith Greenacre was Richard Hillman's bank manager and summoned him to see him in August 2002 when his business project of redevelopment of a house at The Ridings on Crimea Street into flats fell in difficulties when a bail hostel was proposed next to the site, thereby reducing the purported value of the properties. Greenacre was wholly unsympathetic to Richard's plight, telling him he had two weeks to reduce his debt to the bank and suggested that he downsize what he saw as a prematurely extravagant lifestyle to reduce his outgoings.

Richard sold his beloved new people-carrier and wife Gail raised further capital by remortgaging 8 Coronation Street however Greenacre wasn't placated and told Richard that he faced bankruptcy by year-end. His harsh words had the wholly unintended effect of unleashing a reign of terror by Richard against mother-in-law Audrey Roberts in which he attempted to convince everyone, Audrey included, that she was going senile and then kill her in a deliberate house fire. Greenacre kept the pressure on during this period and in a meeting just before Christmas told Richard that he had one final month to clear his overdraft. By this time, Richard's plan to murder Audrey had failed and he had to find another target - Emily Bishop, who had signed an equity release scheme on her house to be realised upon her death. Speeding up this event as much as he could, Richard attacked Emily but had to murder Maxine Peacock in the process when he was interrupted in the act. Within days of this brutal event, the bail hostel was cancelled, the sale values of the properties rose back to their previous level and all of Richard's mayhem was proven to have been unnecessary. He wept at the actions he felt he had been forced to undertake.

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