Keith Hesketh was the son-in-law of the late Sidney Templeton. Keith and his wife Sandra turned up in the Rovers looking for Maud Grimes after the couple learned that Maud had inherited £10,000 from Sidney's estate.

Sidney and Maud were due to get married on 13th August 1999 but due to his untimely death on 6th August, his funeral was instead conducted on the day where Maud met the Heskeths for the first time. At their meeting in the Rovers, they successfully led Maud into thinking that they were only left with pennies in Sidney's will, while she had been awarded the lion's share. The couple maintained that they had regular contact with Sidney and he doted on his grandchildren, although he'd never mentioned his family to Maud nor had she seen them visit him at Mayfield Court. Keith's explanation was that Sidney was slipping into senility near the end, which was probably why he'd never mentioned their existence, and due to the fact that he didn't like to be stuck inside, they'd often arrange to meet him in town.

Despite Blanche Hunt's warnings that the couple were just trying to bully her, Maud agreed to relinquish her money. However, she quickly changed her mind when she read in the newspaper that Sidney's total estate was worth £60,000 and having realised that the Heskeths had tried to deceive her, she summoned them back to the Rovers and called their bluff, telling them that she wasn't going to give them any money, but instead was going to honour Sidney's memory and use the money to finance a trip to the Far East and scatter his ashes from the famous Burma Railway bridge over the River Kwai in western Thailand, where many of his comrades lost their lives during World War II. The couple hastily left the pub, with Sandra stating that it hadn't been a pleasure.

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