Sergeant Major Partridge
Keith Partridge
Occupation Army Warrant Officer
First appearance 30th April 2010
Last appearance 2nd May 2010
Number of appearances 2
Played by William Travis

Sergeant Major Keith Partridge called at 6 Coronation Street on the hunt for absent soldier Gary Windass when Gary went AWOL from his army posting in April 2010. David Platt, knowing of his whereabouts and seeing his mother Anna's distress, told her where she could find him. They did so and bought him home, but when Partridge arrived at the door, Anna told him they hadn't seen Gary. She enquired about Gary's progress in the army, and was informed by Partridge that he was doing very well until he disappeared, and that he had the makings of a fine soldier. Unknown to Anna or Gary, Gary's father Eddie, recognising the good that the discipline that his forces were doing his son, phoned Partridge and suggested he call back the next day. In the meantime, Gary confessed to his mother that visiting the squaddie brother of Quinny, an army colleague, who had lost his legs and right arm in a battle, had caused him to lose his nerve about his army career. Gary came to the conclusion that he had to return and did so, luckily contacting the Sergeant just as he called at the house again to take him away.

The character was credited as Sergeant Major Partridge. His first name was given in dialogue in Episode 7329 (30th April 2010).

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