Ken Frith appeared in Coronation Street as Geordie, an old friend of Alan Howard's and a piano player in December 1971.

Mr Frith was not an actor but a well-known and accomplished pianist. He appeared on many BBC radio shows from the 1940s to the 1960s such as Variety Fanfare, Blackpool Night, Make Way For Music, Variety Road Show and Rhyme and Rhythm, sometimes on his own (or under the name of "Ken Frith and his magic pianos" and "Ken Frith and his Rhythm ") or as part of the "Ken Frith Trio" or "Ken Frith Quartet". He also occasionally filled in for the piano-playing spot usually held by Violet Carson on Wilfred Pickles' Have A Go!. He was a member of the BBC's Northern Dance Orchestra in the late 1950s and Mr Frith can be seen playing the piano with this ensemble in this clip.

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