Ken Parry played two roles on Coronation Street: in July and August 1961 he appeared as Orinoco Club owner Sam Johnson and in April 1977 he appeared as Rita Littlewood's agent Benny Stone. In between these roles he appeared as an Astronomer in Thunderfinger - Part 1, an episode of Pardon the Expression in 1966 and as Billy Houghton in You Can't Get Out Of The Wood, an episode of Turn out the Lights in 1967 - both Street spin-off's.

Born on 20th June 1930 in Wigan he appeared in many films and television series from the 1950s to the 1990s. Among the series he had roles in were No Hiding Place, The Wednesday Play, Z Cars and Hazell. He appeared in two roles in The Avengers and was offered the role of John Steed's boss "Mother" in 1967 for a single appearance but turned it down. The part instead went to Patrick Newell and became a regular role in the programme's final season.

Parry died on 12th December 2007.