Kerry Waddle was the owner of "Waddles", an underwear clothing company which, as Sally Webster said, was an unfortunate name given their line.

She was a potential customer of Underworld and had a fearsome reputation which made Carla Barlow nervous before they met in October 2014 but a successful order would carry the business through to the new year. Unfortunately, Mrs Waddle's visit coincided with the news that the jury had reached a decision in the trial of Carla's separated husband Peter Barlow for the murder of Tina McIntyre and she was distracted during their meeting.

Mrs Waddle explained that their previous suppliers had come up with a series of excuses for their non-deliveries, none of which she was interested in. Sally Webster sat in on the meeting and was more than pleased to demonstrate what she considered to be her management abilities to fill the gaps left by Carla's mind being in other places. She went so far as to give her personal guarantee that delivery dates of the quantities required would be met but Mrs Waddle snapped back that Carla was the one she wanted to hear that from and she had the feeling that she wanted to be somewhere else. Carla agreed with her, grabbed her things and left for the Weatherfield Magistrates Court to hear the verdict, leaving Sally to finalise discussions with the shocked woman.