Kevin 1981
Occupation Lorry driver
First appearance 9th February 1981
Last appearance 11th February 1981
Number of appearances 2
Played by Kevin Whately

Kevin was a lorry driver who in February 1981 persuaded lazy Jim's Cafe waitress Lorraine Tindall to accompany him on a trip to Liverpool, much to the annoyance of fellow-worker Elsie Tanner who was run off her feet. He told her he would leaving at 6.00pm. Although her shift wasn't due to finish for half an hour after that time, Lorraine happily accepted the offer. When the evening came, Lorraine fetched her coat, giving Elsie the excuse that because she was early that morning, she was leaving early and she refused to stay one minute longer. That night he took her to a disco in Liverpool.

The next day, Lorraine didn't turn in and Elsie took her anger out on Kevin, suggesting that he go to her house and fetch her in herself if he wanted his breakfast but he refused, not wanting to cross her mother or their fierce dog again.

The character is notable as having been played by future "Inspector Morse" star Kevin Whately in one of his first television appearances.

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