Kevin 1973
First appearance 14th May 1973
Last appearance 16th May 1973
Number of appearances 2
Played by Mark Adshead

Kevin was a pupil at Bessie Street School and was in Ken Barlow's 3B class. In May 1973, Ken gave a lesson on the United States of America in which he gave his viewpoint of the Wounded Knee incident and the 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre that preceded it. He somehow linked the events to the recently concluded Vietnam War. Although Kevin and his fellow pupil Charlie made some intelligent points, Ken later admitted to Faye-Marie Schofield, the wife of Ena Sharples's American great-nephew, that he knew very little about the country himself beyond what he saw on television. A teacher herself, she volunteered to come to his school and give a talk to his class.

The next day, she stood before the class as Kevin came in late, took one look at her and let out an involuntary "cor!", earning a summons to see Ken after the class. Faye-Marie went on to give a successful talk.

Kevin was played by Mark Adshead who also played another pupil of Ken Barlow's, Mark Hillkirk, who appeared in the programme both before and after Kevin's two episodes.

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