Kim spencer
Kim Spencer
Occupation Barmaid
Mother Ginny Spencer
Sibling(s) Tracey Spencer
First appearance 6th October 1975
Last appearance 8th October 1975
Number of appearances 2
Played by Barbara Waddington

Kim Spencer was the daughter of New Old Inn landlady Ginny Spencer. Along with her sister Tracey, Kim helped their mother run the pub. Kim's duties included speaking into a microphone to call customers to the bar to pick up their orders, referring to them by their number. Ena Sharples criticised the practice, referring to the district as "megaphone land".

In October 1975, the New Old Inn was host to many of the Rovers regulars when a fire at the Mark Brittain Warehouse caused Coronation Street to be evacuated. A refuge was set up at Bessie Street School, but naturally the residents' instinct was to seek out the nearest boozer and set up camp. First serving an impatient Ena with a milk stout, Kim received a telling off from the stern pensioner for having the radio on too loud. She replied that she was going to turn it down as the local news was about to start, which may contain an update on the warehouse situation.

Kim was also present in the bar the next day when the Rovers mob were once again present en masse, Coronation Street still sealed off. At one point in the day, she had to go looking for a customer who failed to appear at the bar when called.

Barbara Waddington, who played Kim, is the daughter of Bill Waddington who played Percy Sugden between 1983 and 1997.

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