Kim Wilson was the much put-upon junior assistant at Sylvia's Separates when Elsie Howard went there for a job interview in April 1976. Kim announced Elsie’s arrival to owner Sylvia Matthews but the rude and arch lady made Elsie wait while she finished conducting a chat with her visiting friend Kay Miller. Nevertheless, this intended slight made allies of Elsie and Kim who both recognised the awkwardness of the situation. Elsie got the job, starting immediately as Sylvia wanted nothing better than to be away conducting her social life. Elsie took to Kim and was annoyed to find out that the young girl was working her notice and it was up to her to find a replacement after she had gone on the coming Friday. They also shared a laugh when a small Fat Lady rushed into the shop to use one of the cubicles as she was “losing her knickers”, the elastic having gone.

Kim was played by Annie Hulley, twenty-three years before appearing as regular character Gwen Loveday.