Kirsten Grant
Kirsten Grant
First appearance 13th March 2000
Last appearance 19th May 2000
Number of appearances 3
Played by Vicky Connett

Kirsten Grant was a pupil at Weatherfield Comprehensive during 2000 and the ringleader of a group who taunted thirteen-year-old Sarah Louise Platt when they discovered that she was pregnant.

After the Platt family attended a meeting with Mrs Paton, the school's headteacher, Sarah returned to school the following day - to be faced with a life-sized doll falling out of her locker that had been planted by Kirsten. A tearful Sarah blamed her friend Candice Stowe for telling Kirsten (and subsequently, the whole school) about her pregnancy. However Candice tried to explain that she was only trying to defend Sarah after Kirsten had made comments about her becoming "fat and wobbly".

Just prior to a PE lesson later that day, more jibes were made at Sarah - but Candice quickly jumped in to defend her. Kirsten then threatened to turn everyone against Candice if she chose to remain friends with Sarah, but she was unfazed by Kirsten's threat and decided to remain loyal to Sarah.

In the following May, the trio were among a group of pupils and teachers who were invited to Mrs Gregory's house - the English teacher directed the school's rendition of Grease and organised a "thank-you" party for everyone who had been involved in the production. Whilst there, Kirsten apologised to Sarah for her previous behaviour and the matter was quickly dropped. However, as a weary Sarah sat and looked on as Kirsten and Candice were dancing with boys, she soon realised that she didn't really fit in with her peers any more.

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