Kitty Stonely
Kitty Stonely
Occupation Pub landlady
First appearance 22nd November 1971
Last appearance 29th December 1976
Number of appearances 10
Played by Stella Moray

Kitty Stonely was another “friend” to Annie Walker in much the same style as Nellie Harvey, that is, hardly having the best interests of her acquaintance at heart.

Kitty was unmarried but not always wanting for male companionship. She ran the Robin Hood pub in Weatherfield which for a period in 1971 was run as a disco pub with the name of the Aquarius. Employed as a go-go dancer there was Lucille Hewitt and after Nellie recognised her dancing on the bar, she delighted in luring Annie Walker there to see the shock on her face when she saw what her ward was up to. A few weeks later, Nellie and Kitty organised a large fun-raising ball in aid of the RNLI. Determined not to let Annie know about it, they were annoyed when she did find out and invited herself, and were livid when the eligible widower Lt Commander Gerald Prince monopolised Annie for the night.

Five years later, Kitty was gleefully sympathetic when Annie was stopped while driving off her swanky new Rover 2000 and breathalysed. The crystals showed that she was over the limit but the blood test in the police station afterwards showed she was within the legal limit. Annie rushed to phone Kitty and Nellie to put a stop to their gossiping but found out that they had jetted off for a winter holiday in Austria.

The character's surname was spelled "Stoneley" in the credits of her final two 1971 appearances and her return in 1976.

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