Kyle's Dad
Kyle's Dad
Children Kyle
First appearance 8th February 2016
Last appearance 8th February 2016
Number of appearances 2
Played by Craig Cheetham

Kyle's Dad was the father of Simon Barlow's former footballing team-mate Kyle and a typical "touchline parent", getting himself more excited than the players on the pitch, yelling encouragement at his team's best player (his own son, naturally) and accusing the referee of both not doing his job and of being biased for the opposing team.

His son showed equal charm, making lewd comments about Simon's mother and doing his best to rile him. Simon tackled Kyle, breaking his leg and his dad accused him of being deliberate in his actions. Kyle was stretchered off and as his chances with Manchester City's Youth Academy were now in doubt, he threatened Leanne but was pushed back by Zeedan Nazir. Ken Barlow gently suggested that it would be best if he left the hall and be with his now-hospitalised son. It was only when another parent came forward with mobile phone footage that Simon's claim that it was an accident was shown to be true.

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