Ladylawsonloses cast

The audience show their appreciation to the cast

Lady Lawson Loses was the name of a melodramatic play presented by the Mission Hall Players to the residents of the Street in December 1962.

The original intention was that the play would be performed by the Literary Circle in the Mission of Glad Tidings with funds going to the Over Sixties' club. When the Circle decided to move the production to St. Joseph’s and Albert Tatlock realised that the club would not benefit, he formed the Mission Hall Players and decided to put on a rival production. Auditions were held on 26th November and soon afterwards Leonard Swindley, fresh from his local election defeat, agreed to be the producer. By early December the parts were cast and the residents threw themselves with varying degrees of enthusiasm into the production. Len Fairclough agreed to make the scenery while Jed Stone would "obtain" the costumes although typically the ones he procured from Liverpool were all from the wrong period.

Ladylawsonloses fainting

Emily is overcome

On the night there were many teething problems caused by stuck curtains and the stage fright suffered by Emily Nugent (not helped by her taking tranquilisers and whisky to steady her nerves). After the play had finished and the audience had left she promptly fainted, causing Ena Sharples to remark that it was the best bit of acting she’d seen all night, however the production was deemed a success when it raised £17, 15/- for the Over Sixties.

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