Landlady 2003
First appearance 23rd November 2003
Last appearance 24th November 2003
Number of appearances 2
Played by Deirdre Costello

Brewery Newton & Ridley held a licencees' reunion in November 2003 in Blackpool at which Fred Elliott was present. Ashley Peacock decided to take his son Joshua up there for a few hours to see his grandad and the Tower and invited nanny Claire Casey along. After a day spent on a cold and blustery beach and a trip up the Tower, Ashley discovered that his car and broken down and required repairs. Forced to spend the night in the resort and unable to contact Fred whose mobile was switched off, the couple found a boarding house in the crowded resort which could accommodate them but the Landlady told them there was only one room with a double bed available and a cot for Joshua. The two took the room, gingerly spending the night in the same bed.

The next day she embarrassed the couple by referring to them as "mummy and daddy" in relation to Joshua and later handed them the bill for one family room in front of Fred when he'd caught up with them. He dropped the subject quickly, quietly pleased at seeing a romance developing, even if Ashley was still in denial.

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