Landlady (Episode 7147)
Occupation Publican
First appearance 21st August 2009
Number of appearances 1
Played by Mags Gannon

The unnamed Landlady ran The Flying Horse public house in Rambridge Road, Manchester. After Becky McDonald's ex-boyfriend Slug had been lying low following his involvement in setting her up on drugs charges, he'd been spotted going into the pub by taxi driver Eddie Windass.

The drivers had been issued with flyers of Slug and Eddie radioed back to Street Cars' switch and told Steve McDonald his whereabouts. Steve, Becky and Eddie went into the pub and with Steve checking the toilets, Becky showed the landlady a picture of Slug and asked whether he'd been in. She instantly recognised him, stating that he'd tried to make out that he'd given her a £20 note and left the pub approximately fifteen minutes prior to their arrival. Becky handed her a flyer and asked if she would call the telephone number on the bottom if she saw Slug again.

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