The Landlord owned a cheap B&B called the Woodland Park Guest House where Rob Donovan hid out for several days after fleeing his own wedding to Tracy Barlow in October 2014, following the discovery that his sister Carla Barlow had alerted the police to the fact that he was the murderer of Tina McIntyre.

After the Rob signed the register, the Landlord directed him to room 5 and caused Rob's heart to stick a beat when he said "Nice try, son. You nearly got away with it" but he was only referring to the fact that he was walking away with the reception pen in his hand.

Rob stayed most of the time in his room but emerged to ring Tracy from a public call box, begging her to bring money with her. She did so, launching an emotional tirade at him for ruining her dreams of a happy married life. After she had calmed down, the Landlord interrupted them in Rob's room, supposedly to fix a hinge on the bathroom cabinet but really to nosy around as his wife had seen Tracy near the premises and he suspected something was going on. Rob told him he had seen nothing but he would keep his eyes open and the Landlord left him alone. Tracy gave Rob £200 and left the guest house soon afterwards.

The character was credited as "Landlord" on his first appearance and "B & B Landlord" on his second.